Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Spider-man Rocks! Batman Rolls...back to Gotham!

After conversation with a fellow about Batman/Spiderman. the above drawing sums up my feelings of the two characters.
Batman is a great character and all, The Chris Nolan films are awesome, as was the West and Keaton batmen. The Dark Knight remains an amazing comic.
But there's no real connection to his character. Just like Tony Stark (aka Iron Man). They're just rich guys with suits right?
Spidey's different. Although Batman was my original childhood hero (and my first words really were "Mattman") Spiderman is far easier to relate to. particularly the Dikto/Lee Spidey/ Spidy of the first two films. He's just a geek/nerd/loser.
And he reads comics.

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