Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Captain Heroic 3

Captain Heroic Issue 3.
(a variation on usual theme)

Monday, 28 June 2010

Draw, Drawer Draw!

Heres a drawing for a poster I'm attempting to create. the key word being Attempting hummn.
Its for the play 'Drawer Boy' written by Michael Healy, which a fellow I'm aquianted with is putting on in the near future. But designing for others is hard (I remain as yet uncertain of my ability to convey their ideas).
Time will tell.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Le Grand Choral et al

Many thanks to everyone and anyone who showed interest in my works, I guess you know who you are.
I return to Saint Martins today to collect my final box of things. Now no longer a student. Yet not quite a real person . A massive mix of emotion. Really. ha ho humm sob.
Listening to Le Grand Choral by Georges Delerue, really really beautiful (and concice) piece of music. I think im in love.
Check out some darn fine crayon illustrations at

Monday, 21 June 2010

Degree show

Hmm the Private view went just fine.
Lots of interessting things happening, and a mild interst in my work.
Oh, and I earned more from my "comic shop" installation then I would had I worked in the cinema for the same hours.
Cant really ask for more.
open untill thurs 12-8
at Central Saint Martins School of Art
107-9 Charing Cross Road
Im going to be there 12-2 most days (tues 1.30-3) & 4-8 mon.
Buy Comics! Read Comics! Draw Comics!
And YOU may be filled with AWESOME POWER!

Monday, 14 June 2010

Nervous in a Cape Issue 4 finished!

Just finished folding & binding Nervous in a cape 4.
A romantic issue.... hearbreak and whiney introspection. etc.
more experementation & collected doodles.
Just need to print more for my private view (Thursday looms).
They will be on sale during the Central st Martins Degree show (19th-24th)


For the next issue of nervous in a cape...Romance.... (should be ready for thursday... my final year show!)

P.S i just heard some of Sarah Blasko's album 'Day follows Night'
REALLY REALLY REALLY beautiful acoustic tracks. Im gonna buy it.
yes siree.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Marc Bolan & T.Rex

Music is important.
Marc Bolan (& T. Rex) Make amazing music.
My cassette player broke (sob) so I couldn't listen to their music anymore.
I spent quite awhile looking for a compilation with one specific track. Most miss out 'Ride a White Swan', (my favorite) but on wednesday I found one that had it. And Scenescof too!!! wheeeee.
So i did this doodle.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Romantic Ideal?

I figure the next issue of Nervous in a cape's going to be about romance et al.
Not that im one to get hung up about it or anything.
No sirreee, not me.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Spider-man Rocks! Batman Rolls...back to Gotham!

After conversation with a fellow about Batman/Spiderman. the above drawing sums up my feelings of the two characters.
Batman is a great character and all, The Chris Nolan films are awesome, as was the West and Keaton batmen. The Dark Knight remains an amazing comic.
But there's no real connection to his character. Just like Tony Stark (aka Iron Man). They're just rich guys with suits right?
Spidey's different. Although Batman was my original childhood hero (and my first words really were "Mattman") Spiderman is far easier to relate to. particularly the Dikto/Lee Spidey/ Spidy of the first two films. He's just a geek/nerd/loser.
And he reads comics.