Thursday, 30 June 2011

Complainy Painey!

A pre-emptive apologie for this Grumpy Monologue. Is it still a monologue if only in writing?... um.

There is, apparently, always something that creeps up on you, some small thing, which keeps you worried just enough to prevent one actually being able to achieve anything. Insecurities, responsibilities, financial security et al. I had just gotten onto a good thing with the steady drawing of both my daily comic, and the new comic...

When along comes a dramatic loss of money... Wow! Pow! Keep That Head Down Abe!

"Duck" it all, I say. Or rather perhaps I might do, if I was not in the unfortunate position of requiring the steady income of my "just above minimum wage occupation". sigh, there is nothing worse then feeling "trapped".

Quit your job if you hate it so much. But money being an unfortunate necessity... get another one first. And if nowhere else will employ you....

Post a grumpy, whiney, thingy on your blog. Apologies, o' dear reader.

Twenty applicants for every job. Merde!

Friday, 24 June 2011

New Grand Bande Dessine!

So, here we have another page of the new grande Bande Dessine experiment!

Pages from the old one may fit in here and there, but this essentially be a new creature.

Caught the St. Martins degree show yesterday (the final day), a mixture of things, but essentially a good show, there was one particularly lovely video made up of of all the times 'Hit It!" had been said in film...

which reminded me of this amazing video... All the fictional artists to appear on celluloid, compiled... a wonderful narrative emerges...

Madness of the artist et al...

Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Big Redraw!

So. Redrawing... Having reached just over 60 pages I looked back and... Um. The story had unwound... And all the thoughts I'd wished to convey had been lost... blah de blah.

I'm kinda redrawing now... but the story will differ, so maybe redrawing is the wrong word....

"beginning a new comic" is perhaps more adequate?

Heres page no.1.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Abe Meets The Ego Monster!


Abe's second appallingly bad album. Its all free to listen/download over at

Just a wee gift (or not?!) my way of saying thanks for the reading o' me blog, and taking o' time to view my comics. Je T'aime!

Friday, 10 June 2011


Heres a page from me sketchbook, drawn last week at Kew Gardens, lying on the grass in the evenings sun. sigh.

You may recognise strongman from the "eternal wrestler" logo I put up last week... He'll also be appearing more over at doodle daydream

Oh, and check out ANNEXE magazine, a literary/arts/musicy e-mag... which a hip cat from St Martins is putting together. I done put some comics in it.

Last link... The Marine Girls- a really grand group from the 80's, think the Shaggs meet The Shangri-Las

Like totally rad!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

This Thing Later

This thing later... No I didn't design the poster (even I wouldn't call myself the one and only!)

Abe and the Magic Pub

I'm'na gonna be filling a large room (in an abandoned pub, just off Essex Rd) with art et al tomorrow. Some folks from work are having a day long mini art fest thingy, with film & music... and comics too.

The problem was that I had a grand scheme, but not enough time to realise it... so I shall just throw it all at the walls and see what sticks.

I laid out some of the comics from the past two months on a bench in Golders Hill Park. And was pleased.

Je t'aime.