Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Working, Is Doodling

Heres page five from 'A Scene by The Sea', a wee 16-20 page comic I've been working on in September, at the moment I'm on 12, and its coming along... Just the words (as ever) may need a bit o' honing... I'm a' hoping its all leading towards  Nervous in a Cape issue 6!!! 

Ah Ha... Maybe three exclamation marks is too many?

Anyhoo, for issue 6, I'm thinking of working on two or three stories specifically for the comic (ala Optic Nerve), as opposed to the random collection of sketchbook cartoons and comics which have populated the last 5 issues...

I have an interview tomorrow, I've gotta make my portfolio real impressive, yes indeed.

Ho humm... 

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