Saturday, 5 November 2011

Tonight Abe may be Elsewhere

One thing to apologise for... the images I've been putting up recently have all pretty much been odds and ends... This post wont be an end that trend, but an excuse... 

So Abes been working hard... and has been spread pretty thin these days... lots to do.

Anyhoo, heres some compiled rough images for the planned comic "Tonight I may be Elsewhere", it has a nice ring to it, no?  I have the story all plotted out... needs fleshing out... and the characters are me reg'lar stock... This is just to give ye a petite sampling of where Abes at right now... RIGHT NOW!

One of my favorite pieces ever... Love Louis Armstrongs version best... but heres the astounding original..

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Anonymous said...

Abe, have you hear Louis Armstrong singing 'What Did I Do (To Be So Black and Blue)"?

as also mentioned in 'Invisible Man', by Ralph Ellison.