Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Nervous apologies


Over the weekend I put together the issue of Nervous in a Cape, and I was really unhappy with quite a bit of it.. so, in the redraw process i am yet again...the issue with the main story (which I'd edited down to 16 pages or so) was that it had no flow, story sat uneasily by words by pictures... I just think maybe my stream of consciousness writing is better then my writing writing, y'know. I come up with nice phrases et al, but in terms of dialogue its so stilted and pretty rubbish... no, ti's better for me to work unscripted and fast paced... to learn as I go, and work through mistakes....

So the page above was one of five i drew between 9pm and 12am last  night... no means perfect, but at least it's flow'n, eh?

Oh.. but anyway... so I did get 32 pages all good to go over the weekend... I'll keep a few of em, like the cover, which i'm kinda chuffed with (drawn and coloured on sunday afternoon)...

It's replacing the tentative cover put up in november... crazy t' see how my style evolves in a short time... it's great tho,' all part of me five year plan for learning how to draw comics fo' real! I reckon I'm just about done with the first year... so onwards and upwards and stuffs!

The comics journal blog lead me towards this great site... read loads o' comics from the 1950's et al! HERE

Anyhow, yesterday at the bookshop, we put on this album by David Byrne... a recent work (think 2006?) the first track rocked my ears! Well rock's  not exactly the word for it but...

keep on with the hop hipp'n yo!

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