Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Today I drew a little and thought about Sylvie, in whose city I am not.

So, a few weeks ago I think I finally arrived at a point where I have a genuine story. a longer piece that I'd like to tell, and which might capture something of my experience of life... I hope I manage to tell it, but my track record is oh so poor, I enjoy drawing, and presuming I have things to say... but I often wonder how valid my voice really is... 

Still the thing is to get the work done eh.

I watched the Three colours films for the first time last week. I found them strong as a trilogy, of which White stood alone well, whereas Blue worked best in its role as introduction and Red as a conclusion, but both lacking slightly as stand alone films... still well worth watching, and Im sure I will revisit again.

I also re-watched 'dans la ville de Sylvie'... and gosh... such a perfect film, every single time I see it I enjoy it more... or the same. which is a lot. The director Jose Luis Guerin gives a great insight into art and film in an interview included on the dvd. one thing he said which grabbed me was. "All stories are possible, but later the knowledge of 'words' excludes the stories, narrows them down..."

The goal is to create a quiet story of looks, with few words and many opportunities for interpretation, the characters are existing, and we join them for a spell, but it is not about building their biography.

Here's a piece of music from another film I love..

Nicola Piovani - Bambini al telefono (Caro diario) - 1993

bon nuit.

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