Saturday, 15 September 2012

Cowboy Love

Here is a cowboy! Hurrah! And the thing folks love most of all... Is a cowboy in love!

I remember a zine I got few years ago called 'cowboy love is pure', pretty nice read... heres the website o' the fella responsible.

Anyhow... just figured I should put sumthin' up on the ol' blog, as I haven't for a while... Went away for a week, cycling around norfolk, and landing at the lovely Winterton-on-sea. I did next to no drawing last week, read a lot, and jotted down some rough ideas. t'was nice to be away from the mild strains of a london based existence. and now I feel somewhat charged.

and to out... love this song! As faux rock as Plastic Bertrand is faux punk, a brilliant, tacky pop- rock gem...

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