Friday, 28 September 2012

Failing successfully

Greetings folks! How are ye? Just a one pager I drew yesterday, representing a drastic new mindset to making the comics... The art of failing successfully!

Yesterday I saw 'Killing Them Softly', dark gritty and painfully funny. a few twists and turns, and a lovely performance by Scoot Mcnairy, who I first saw a few years ago in 'In Search of a midnight kiss'... the most perfect o Indie romances... 

ho humm

 Im refusing to scan the story I'm working on at t' moment... on account of the fact that its a distraction to have digitised artwork to mess around with on photoshop... so im just gonna draw it. draw draw draw. 

Made a list of all the folks i can remember having worked with over the last five years at the Everyman cinema... got to 96, though I feel I've forgotten a great many, heh...

Spent a bit of time this week wandering the city... I saw nothing of any conseqence, but thats just fine with me... I love London at this time of year... a crispness to the air, and a swoon of melancholia at the passing of summer. The days grow slowly shorter, and the twilight seems to stretch. 

c'est magnifique.

The Black Keys. All week. 

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