Sunday, 11 August 2013

(he) a man named hank, is less tall then I but still more manly

Just carved out this woodblock... because it is a sunday... still a few changes to make, but I shall print it on some t-shirts soon.

Joy division are swell, but I prefer  

         Galaxie 500's - Ceremony

Also HERE'S something t' make any ageing young cartoonist inspired and discouraged at the same time...

Great saturday comic by Yumi Sakagawa as always, over HERE

and lastly...Though my own 5 years at the Everyman went by on a pretty minimal wage, without any hope of change, it's nice to see the guardian CARES ENOUGH TO KICK UP A FUSS. 

Plus, I always get pretty worked up over the zero hour thing + minimun wage and non compulsery living wage (always a lot higher). Im not gonna say anymore now though, as Im still a'hunting for work and have to put such principles behind ... blah de blah.

peace out fo' now yo!

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