Friday, 23 August 2013

In which a man forgets to remember the appropriate garb for the occasion, and is dismissed for it

 Page 6 from an eleven page story I put up on me tumblr

Reading some o' Chris Ware's answers helps me out of my 'failed drawing' funk...

Chris Ware replies:

Well, I'm doing this interview, and I just spent the last three weeks answering mail that went back to 2007, so I do try to not be a jerk when someone asks me for advice or sends me their work, but having my daughter sort of lessened the time I have for such things. I also try to be as honest as I possibly can with anyone who puts themselves through the rigamarole of trying to do this stuff. I was miserable myself for years and I know it's no fun to learn how to do and there's very little to encourage one for the solitude and doubt it can engender.

It's a real swell live answer session from the Guardian.

Marion Fayolle's  work is just beautiful. Nobrow just released a book by her, and there's loads o' great stuff up on her blog. really special drawings.

Je t'aime...

Robbie Basho - A North American Raga (The Plumstar)

And to out, a draw collage from me sketchbook.

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