Saturday, 31 August 2013

Odds and ends, things that exist independently but play their hands well nevertheless

So this one girl enters the cafe. Folks turn to look at her, then turn away, back to their coffee and cakes. How to make an entrance. Loudly with firecrackers.

Some draws here from the last couple o' days. Abe'll be back home proper from the morrow, so I'll be back on the ol' frequent blog posting (he hopes).

A few ideas above... Like a 'hundred day book. ho hummn. monday, sunday, wednesday thursday etc...

Rambling and rambling. I cycle far most days.

Thanks to the comics Journal I found Elijah J. Brubaker. Cool stuffs.

Heres two pieces I've been listening to quite a bit...

Beasts of the Southern Wild soundtrack: 01 - Particles of the Universe

and to out, a lil comic I drew last night while watching 'a new hope'. Trailers in the 70's were somthing else, eh?!

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