Wednesday, 16 October 2013

IF the bell doesn't ring, you don't HAVE to answer to anyone baby

I start to piece together certain things, then the house of cards all falls down... It's not made any better by a bar of chocolate, not even if it is a mars bar. "I know myself, but that is all..." I think that's the line... not going to check though... even if a copy of this side of paradise is sitting over on my bookshelf as I type... 

I walked in the rain and contemplated nothing... I've always liked to assume that I'm actually thinking during my jaunts around town, but in reality Im simply feeling a few insignificant things, and a larger pervading sense of detachment. hmmn... I don't even cut a romantic enough figure to be considered a flaneur I'm afraid.


I like his work.

The Grand Beauty is the film. An amazing piece of cinema, with a great soundtrack. 

Arvo Pärt My Heart's in the Highlands Else Torp and Christopher 

An old page from an old sketchbook. drawn in Chicago this summer.

I want to exit now.

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