Thursday, 17 October 2013

If I see you holding a glass of wine, I'll count to one hundred thousand and ask you to the dance

On the top is a drawing using pen and ink that I just made... I'd forgotten how freeing it is to work with them. You have to lose control to gain something or other... The double page spread is from a 12 page story Im using for the next issue of Nervous in a Cape... finalised colours and texture.

A list of things that make me feel a little bit warmer inside, whether or not it's cold outside:

The thought of myself as a high flying investment banker.
Giving directions to a softly spoken gentleman.
Listening to zak sally interviews.
10+179 X 33.25+4 divided by the cost of a flight to Paris in 1979.

Meanwhile on the other side of my dizzy spell...

I just love this song. I must thank Wes Anderson for introducing me to it the next time I see him.

                     Nico - These Days

Things I drew in my sketchbook.

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