Monday, 25 March 2013

Colour power, experiment!

Just a wee lil' colour test for the next chapter of my astronautical tale.... the first was in nervousinacape  7 .  Im having fun working on this story, it's still very much a playful, almost stream o' consciousness (blah de blah) style of working, just me an' my sketchbook and t' ol pens. Anyhow, im not gonna decide on final colour schemes or anything yet, just gonna get it drawn first, then colour later... it shouldn't be more'n 20 pages anyhow, so t'is perfectly doable and stuff. 

been catching a lot o' filmic goodness this week.... If you get the chance, and you value films with large periods of stillness in them, do yourself a favour and go grab a ticket to 'beyond the hills'.

oh man oh boy oh gosh! Mr Deforge's ANT COMIC (think D&Q are publishing it physically soonish, but for now). He's a prolific fellow, constantly churning out the goods, and this is a swell read.

So... I gave ye a film and a comic... just the old soundscape t'go... to see us on our merry, here's Louis Armstrong, with "BASIN STREET BLUES"

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