Sunday, 17 March 2013

Poems et al

Well, this lil book's coming along nicely... way back in november I read one of my friend Finnish Chris's poems, was kinda inspired by his wording, and the sentiment he conveyed... I doodled it into comic form, and now four months or so later... we've put together what looks t' be a 48 page book...

Composed o' three poems, two straight illustrations, and one in which i placed the reading of the poem into a bizzare story (i guess we might call it "re-contextualised"(?!))  , featuring pleanty of bodybuilders...heh.

Anyhow, we're looking to get it printed up in the next week or so... whoop!

Hey for any of y'all who want to read the latest issue of my critically unacclaimed and unnoticed comic... Issue 7 of Nervous in a cape  is all HERE for ya! feedback always welcome!

gotta love monsieur Kerouac's Jazz poetry - "OCTOBER IN THE RAILROAD EARTH"

Beautiful... prepping though the beats fo' my american journey!

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