Sunday, 31 March 2013


Just a petite panel from my sketchbook. funny, but not ha ha.

Anyhow, despite a few distractions this week, I've managed t' get quite a few pages drawn this week... more on the next chapter of the introspective astronaut tales... ho humm.

"Write a short story beginning with the word 'recently"

Recently I dug out and re-read the brilliant Abe; wrong for all the right reasons by Glenn Dakin

I first picked it up at Forbidden Planet a few years back, from the bargin shelf purely for the title... I believe it then resided on my kitchen table for a month or so until I finally mustered the mindset to just read the thing... But what a read it turned out to be... Abe... is composed of dozens o' short stories, both witty and profound, examinations of mundanity as told through the words (and drawings) of a poet (and his alter ego, one Abraham Rat). 

The stories within the book represent the best kind of poetry comics (which have been known t' drag more'n a little on occasion) where a gentle humour runs throughout Dakin's examination of the absurdities of life. I'm not gonna say much else, except that I find it both a grand companion (indeed it sat in my bag for months, dug out and flicked through often) and delightful read, one which stands up to multiple rereads. Which I've found to be a rare thing indeed for comics.

Abe... is published by Top Shelf, and is alas currently out o' print... I did only ever saw that one copy in forbidden planet, (and I can't imagine it made top shelf enough money t reprint) but there are a few copies up for sale on amazon, and I most heartily endorse it as a perfect little book. To quote NME...  "godlike reflective genius"

Just go buy it!

I was sent this link yesterday by my amiga Xoana with instructions to get on my bike and listen t it...  oh boy, t'is a nice album by a fella I'd not heard of... CLUCHY HOPKINS

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