Thursday, 11 July 2013

A train, a young fellow & crazy black talkin' in the rain

My first train draw, during  an epic four-day Cross Canada trip. Toronto- Vancouver
 In Brooklyn and on t' prairie (Canadian, about a day west of Toronto)

Just some things Afro-Americans said, to each other mostly. ho humm.

Vancouver was all rain. I spent seven days there, five of which were pretty much constant rain, and when it rains on the north-west coast, it really rains, so much so, lil abe bought his first umbrella there from a little store on the edge of chinatown. 

anyhow, a fella I got talking to in Seattle mentioned the Cool Rays, a pre Beat Happening Calvin Johnson band, he pulled out the cassette too! heh, it's flipping awseome stuff - "cool rays- diary of you"

plus Simon Hanselmann's always worth a check! Great stuff as per the norm.

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Anonymous said...

Ah haha... grest photos, and I recognised vancouver right away! And people talk all kinds of ways... more please!