Saturday, 27 July 2013

Mini rock zines, don't flush em lady!

Well, Abe made these mini comics for a friend today. For a friendly commission. For friendly rates. ho humm. It may be a little surprise though, I think he thought I might make just a single comic strip for him, but got caught up in the creative and book making process. Hope it'll brng a smile not a frown.

the five mini's are at 8,8, 14, 8 and 12 pages, all original art, no copies'll be made... they all cover instances revolving around circumstances. they all fit snugly into the lil' folder (top right). 

Twas a fun day, managed t' fit a few hours o' kendo in also. I was all "wham blam kapow". um.

here's a grand song by 

The Soft Boys - Rock n Roll Toilet

Abe's out for now folks. 

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