Tuesday, 16 July 2013

T' boats in Chicago, Fireflies in DC, and page number 6

Had to walk accross three BIG roads (like six laners methinks) t' get to the beautiful lake michigan shoreline, but then t'is well worth it.... I was particularly fond of the clunking boats.

Fireflies. C'est Magnifique.

Oh, Just page number six... onward and upward.

At the moment abe's job hunting, not much fun at all. Hit eleven places last week, dropped of C.Vs (but some others like orbital comics wouldnt even take my C.V.- I guess I kinda understand, no-one ever leaves that job. not ever!), had one interview, but never heard back... 

heh, oh boy... has anyone noticed how shitty service jobs take themselves way too seriously... It's all really "getting to know the company philosophy" et al... jeezus! It's serving coffee and cakes y'know... no genius behind it, we shouldn't kid ourselves like that, folks got other things to spend time on.

also... working most jobs is not a privilege. its an unfortunate necessity... make the best of it, but still, two fingers t' anyone who treats it like anything other then what it is.

Okay.. Ahem, rant over... gonna put on a sunny face and head out once more on me quest. 

Heres one hot dang great tune for your listening pleasure... "Rock 'N' Roll Radio"- Joe Boot & The Fabulous Winds

also great comics on this German comics mag site

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