Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Stuff I carried on my Back, to the dismay of my shoulders

Well how do folks, abe came home at last... 

two and a half months trawling round the ol U.S.A and Canada, hitting alla the hip comics shops et al... here's the comics I bought on my trip... pretty damn happy with the stuffs... particularly with issues 2-6 o' peep show, Acme novelty Library no. 3 both from The Beguiling, Toronto and Jesse Moynihan's Backwards folding mirror vol.2 (from the flipping Drawn & Quarterly shop, Montreal!)(alla which are of course out of print, hell acme & peep are from the early nineties...) 

also really chuffed to have grabbed ahold of Sam Aldens Hawaii 1997 and St owls Bay by Simon Hanselmann in floating word comics, portland, or. 

Also made it out the the Fantagraphics store in Seattle, bit o' a walk from downtown, but gosh darn, well worth it!  And hit bot TCAF and CAKE where grabbed ahold o' New Issues of Blammo by Noah Van Sciver, and got Dash Shaw's 3 New Stories too!

Got really into Anders Nilsen by the end o' me trip, in my bag just about fitting Big Questions, The End, and Dont go where I cant Follow... I've always enjoyed his stuff, and dont know why I never got round t' buying em before... was content just reading em in shops and on his awesome blog I guess.

Anyhow... got tons to say, but I'll post once I start scanning my 5 moleskine sketchbooks Filled during me trip.

peace out for now.

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