Monday, 15 July 2013

From Toronto, where the doodlers draw

I drew this 44 page comic whilst in Toronto in may... mostly in coffee houses and parks... I rediscovered drawing in Toronto after a 3 week dry spell in NYC...

At the mo' trialling some colouring stuff on it...

 Boy, Abe was oh so happy in Toronto, he even managed t' return there for another five days at the end of his trip, there was the very real sense of coming home strange as it sounds (I'd only been there for two weeks after all!). But I loved the city, and the people, books music and Cinema were all cheap and easy, the coffee houses had great soundtracks, people in general were just happy and happy t' see you. Plus the best Fish & Chip shop ever, and the best pizza of all (both on l'il ol' Harboard st)

Go Visit, one cafe i was doodling in had THIS on their soundtrack. It made me happy.

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