Tuesday 31 May 2011

Monobrows et al

Please find above a comic which I made a few days ago for a fellow... t'was to have a 'literary' tone... humm.

The typewriter is one which I bought from oxfam last year, and yes, it is that beautiful turquoise colour! The character isn't me.. well he kind of is... but not in looks... I'm not quite so dashing.

And also a logo I made a few days ago... You may recognise the character (strongman has appeared in the daily comic Im posting over at doodle daydream... "and after that shameless plug") He is the strongest one of all, but his problems aren't the kind that can be solved with strength. ho h umm.

Wednesday 25 May 2011

Waiting For Ma...

Heres a comic made whist I was waiting to meet my ma, last week... 'Talking Merde', No great storytelling or art (I wasn't at all sure what I wanted to say while I was drawing) just a doodle in my sketchbook coloured because.... Blah de blah...

I sent a link to my daily comic blog to a web-comic site... I received a gentle disappointment, and fair constructive criticism, so in the end it works out pretty well... I'm needing to work bigger and hone writing skills...

So yesterday Abe bought a fineliner for the extortionate price o' £3.15... Gosh! But I still have a few weeks worth o strips to use up before they'll be up...


Check oot this amazing Dan Johnston Recording-Lazy

Friday 20 May 2011

Pointless Posting

Superheroes are interesting, no? Just thought I'd try posting more regularly... But nothing really happened in the last 24 hours... Just life et al...

Heres a coloured photocopy that'd been hanging around in my sketchbook for a few months...

And, um... End of post!

Thursday 19 May 2011

A Couple O' Comics

Heres a couple o' comics I made last night, digitally, well lets say, 'enhanced', because its just the cheapest & easiest way to do certain things.

Sorry about the Mai Lai- Tu Cung Comic... Just a failed attempt to draw something serious and unrelated to my ego for once... Didn't Tennessee Williams argue that we should move away from our personal experience while writing?

And yes I realise how pretentious I sound.

-Apparently it has a UK distribution co now, so I may get to see it after all!

Monday 16 May 2011

Stop The Habit!

Above... Kieran the Mallard in eye-popping 3D!!! Puppets & Installation...

Also here's an abandoned 9-panel comic I made a few weeks ago... Just another thing I began without any end destination in sight... I may return at some point in the future, but, well y'know how some things are...

Anyhow, In a bid to stop said habit, I'm gonna try working a few short stories (written a while back) into comic form.

This is the most inspiring short film... I wanna be a real comic artist!!! I'm Gonna be a real comic artist!!!

Ho Humm.

Tuesday 10 May 2011

Cine Life et al

Just a wee bit o' Cine Life for your pleasure... It pays the bills, and the people who work there are all pretty darn cool; a colourful mix of "creative" types... All being paid minimum wage in one big happy family.

"It's all a poor substitute at best"- see This Side of Paradise, one of my favorite Fitzgerald books... This week abe fell in love only once! Ah Ha!

Like Lo-fi astoundingly amazing music???

Then you must hear Beat Happening

Wednesday 4 May 2011

Drawer Boy Draws a Comic

Damn Nazi's!

This is a truly great cover song- Adam Green's version of Love will tear us apart, beautifully melancholic and deadpan.