Friday 28 September 2012

Failing successfully

Greetings folks! How are ye? Just a one pager I drew yesterday, representing a drastic new mindset to making the comics... The art of failing successfully!

Yesterday I saw 'Killing Them Softly', dark gritty and painfully funny. a few twists and turns, and a lovely performance by Scoot Mcnairy, who I first saw a few years ago in 'In Search of a midnight kiss'... the most perfect o Indie romances... 

ho humm

 Im refusing to scan the story I'm working on at t' moment... on account of the fact that its a distraction to have digitised artwork to mess around with on photoshop... so im just gonna draw it. draw draw draw. 

Made a list of all the folks i can remember having worked with over the last five years at the Everyman cinema... got to 96, though I feel I've forgotten a great many, heh...

Spent a bit of time this week wandering the city... I saw nothing of any conseqence, but thats just fine with me... I love London at this time of year... a crispness to the air, and a swoon of melancholia at the passing of summer. The days grow slowly shorter, and the twilight seems to stretch. 

c'est magnifique.

The Black Keys. All week. 

Saturday 15 September 2012

Cowboy Love

Here is a cowboy! Hurrah! And the thing folks love most of all... Is a cowboy in love!

I remember a zine I got few years ago called 'cowboy love is pure', pretty nice read... heres the website o' the fella responsible.

Anyhow... just figured I should put sumthin' up on the ol' blog, as I haven't for a while... Went away for a week, cycling around norfolk, and landing at the lovely Winterton-on-sea. I did next to no drawing last week, read a lot, and jotted down some rough ideas. t'was nice to be away from the mild strains of a london based existence. and now I feel somewhat charged.

and to out... love this song! As faux rock as Plastic Bertrand is faux punk, a brilliant, tacky pop- rock gem...