Wednesday 30 November 2011

Wham, Urghhh

So, heres another page from the comic I started on saturday... I done got 15 pages done so far...

It's a romance story really... triumph over odds etc... Just I wanted to tell it through superhero godlike, alien creatures... and lots of over the top action scenes. such as the one above...

Need to get on with it now!

Abe mentions Beat Happening too much... but they're a flipping amazing band! Listen. Now! Listen!

Saturday 26 November 2011

Comix Roughage

Heres a page from summut I doodled just now. Just had a vauge idea of plot in me mind... draw draw draw... made it to four pages... drawn roughly with brush-pen then coloured digitally...

But 'yawn', far too tired to ramble on bout drawing now... suffice to say that Abe likes a style that means he can get a page completed in twenty five minutes... 

Anyhoo... check out retrofit comics... Its a supercool scheme!

and to leave you with a song, heres Anna Karina & Serge Gainsbourg 'Ne dis rien'

Bon nuit

Thursday 24 November 2011

Anthology Practice

Well, Abe's been hard at work interning over at londonprintstudio , no excuse for the lack of posting reeeaally. But... Ho humm.

working at le cine last night had an interesting mini debate as to comics cultural legitimacy... you can see it in technicolour over at doodledaydream!!! And after that shameless plug... Heres a rough of one o' the pages in a six pager for the anthology we're putting together in the print studio... The style wont be like this... just working out the panel layouts... and experimenting with colour... liked it so thought I'd put  it up.

Just listen to this wonderful Twee indie pop, heard it yesterday... like an injection of honey for the heart... so sweet!

Monday 14 November 2011

Another Blog Post

Howdy folks... sorry haven't posted in a wee while... been very busy... went to Comiket on Sat with the other comicy interns... didn't sell much, but the word was most assuredly spread!

Heres a comic abe doodled last week nothing great or anything... just nice to do... ho humm.

Got to meet an amazing comic artist on friday... check it oot on me daily comic blog...

Oh.. and the writings going well...If'n you were curious.

And lastly... Abe shouldn't go on too much... but Drive has a flipping amazing soundtrack... so just... listen to it! Desire - 'Under your spell'

Sunday 6 November 2011

Hot Dang! I do Believe...

Hot Dang!

I believe Abe has found t' style.

Just need to get the writing completed... 

Je T'aime!

Heres some fleeting & beautiful music by David Torn, From Lars and the Real Girl.

Saturday 5 November 2011

Tonight Abe may be Elsewhere

One thing to apologise for... the images I've been putting up recently have all pretty much been odds and ends... This post wont be an end that trend, but an excuse... 

So Abes been working hard... and has been spread pretty thin these days... lots to do.

Anyhoo, heres some compiled rough images for the planned comic "Tonight I may be Elsewhere", it has a nice ring to it, no?  I have the story all plotted out... needs fleshing out... and the characters are me reg'lar stock... This is just to give ye a petite sampling of where Abes at right now... RIGHT NOW!

One of my favorite pieces ever... Love Louis Armstrongs version best... but heres the astounding original..

Thursday 3 November 2011

Sorry Sorry Sorry

Heres another page form "The 5.45 News"... But.. I drew this about two weeks ago... I made it to six pages, and the plan is for twelve... Abe has just had no time... Sorry sorry sorry! I shall get back on track at some point... t'is just that my time hasnt really been my own of late... boo!

On the positive side.. I stayed up real late last o saturday... and got the layouts for the first 27 pages of my re-planned 'ahem' graphic novel endeavour done... But this time I really need to get the whole thing drafted... then re-written etc etc before I start to draw properly!

Normally Abes's not overly into Hip Hopping... but this is just to good!
"they reminise over you"