Friday 27 December 2013

I've been absent of late, but I have a doctors note to explain

Heres some odds and ends, something is forming in my mind, but who's to say what when where or why. It'll be a comic though.

I've done a lot of drawing this past week, but It's pretty personal introspective stuff I don't feel like sticking up on the 'ternet, It'll remain sketchbook bound for now. 

I'm excited to see Inside Llweyn Davis. But it's not released till late January in London. Boo.

I really Have very little to say for myself. Apologies. Just trying t' keep up posting regular like.

Broken Social Scene - Tremoloa Debut (Vinyl)

Friday 20 December 2013

Go read my comic that I made for you

Yup, so I just finished this lil 9 pager and put it up on me TUMBLR.

The demo's just as great as the final recording. merci Lou.

The Velvet Underground - I Found A Reason (Demo)

I cant stop to talk, I have a recital on Winona Ryder at 2pm

The second drawings something that I'm a working on right now! as I type, which is the reason Im not gonna type much more. 8th of a 9 page story. Just getting some finishing colouring done.

Mostly right now Ive been listening to the best album ever. Gosh, I hate when folks say that. but may well be true, eh... Before he was an officially released musician Dylan recorded this session with Cynthia Gooding. 

Bob Dylan - Roll On, John

Back t' the good work. Ho hummn.

Sunday 8 December 2013

Things that I made tonight, whilst inbetween a rock and a hard place.

Comics. and self portrait ho hummn. Just two lil things I doodled this evening after I got home, tired and worn.

Nice Patrick Kyle comics up on What Things Do

I like this song...

                   Cat Power - Fool

Wednesday 4 December 2013

I never said I was perfect, just that I could fly and also punch holes in the space time continuum whilst frying pancakes

I put THIS lil comic up on my tumblr. Just something I made this evening.

I thought that perhaps the difference between a successful artist and a failed artist is that 9/10 times the successful artist has given up.

Today I found a copy of old man and the sea in a second hand bookstore. I sat down in Queen square and read in the cold, not feeling it at all. A sure way to tell a good far you get without noticing that your hands are frostbitten.

Ho humnn

A real nice old David Mazzucchelli  comic HERE

           Bing Crosby - Just a Gigolo

Heres a little four page thing from my sketchbook, drawn a month or so ago.