Saturday 13 June 2015

solid and unrewarding, like a chunk o' fools gold

So, I found a bunch of abandoned drawings last week, and remembered I'd coloured one of them... this is a page from a story I got bored with or ran out of ideas for or something... I think I only made it to page 7 or so... 

Its funny, in many ways this may well be some o' the most "solid" cartooning I've ever done, but its also the most stilted, and ultimately was quite a dull unfufilling drawing experience. I prefer to work stream o' conscious like... without predrawings or penciling (unless its a pencil comic) Shit, apparently "real comics" are like this to draw...damn... 

Anyhow its just not much of a fun way to spend the spare hours in my day. I want to draw comics, but its not my job, so it has to have some joy to it, because I'm not young enough to be all "ambitious"... any energy I have wont carry things very far if theres no good feeling there.. 

Things like the sketchbook comics I put up last week, I had so much pleasure, just letting my mind and hand wander across the page,  and yeah, the lines are a messed (and poorly drawn) in places and the words sure are a tad corny, but damn... it was a pleasure...ho hummn,

so, theres a rambling saturday morning post. 

Tom Waits - You Can Never Hold Back Spring

Wednesday 3 June 2015

Swear Jar

Attention dear readers (all five of you).

The good folks over at Avery Hill Publishing have kindly put together a petite collection of my scribblings et al...40 pages of neurotic comics from the big ol' 2014, and in full colour no less!  

Its going on sale officially as of the 6th o' June over at the CECAF and then elsewhere... But it can also be ordered from Avery Hill online, ...Whilst there you should check their forthcoming books, because theres a swell bunch of talent in that list.

Monday 1 June 2015

p e sososasaas oa

I drew some Pessoa a few minutes ago, because I found a book of his whilst trying to get my shit together literally and metaphorically. 

I have too many books.  too many things...  I just wrote a three paragraph rant, but I got shy, so you''ll just have to imagine.

Go see this film.... it's nice

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

and this's timely


and this song just 
hits home..

Smog - Say Valley Maker