Friday 23 March 2012

Post In Mailbox!

Good morning folks, hope you're well!

So, as ever.... apologies for the weeks between posts (blush), just been real busy preping for the super awesome exhibition at Londonprintstudio for the end o' the internship... Tis on for a week now, till friday the 30th... so hurry on over for comics and stuff!

Anyhow, heres a page from a rough idea I'm fleshing out at the moment (whilst still working on the bigger work- dont worry) all about the things we see whilst wandering the city... as you can probably tell though, the couple is having just a few problems of their own hovering in the background. As ever.

I'm in the process of putting the finishing touches to me pitch, t' send out into the wide world. thenm its fingers crossed big time. BIG TIME. massive time. ho humm

Abe's been listening to alot o' the Black Keys recently... "Ill be your man". For some reason I picture Thomas Jane stripping  when I hear it. Theme song anyone?

Thursday 8 March 2012

Working Process

A'llo folks... Apologies for yet another late post... "oh the familier places we find ourselves in.."

Anyhow, just thought I'd put up some images showing t' working process for my current project... 

So. Thus far the work on the graphic novel has been a first draft... the stuff Abes put up over the last few months belongs to  stage 2... Next comes redrawing in a thinner line and colouring directly onto the page with bright markers (stage 3).  Stage 4 consists of greyscaling and tinting on photoshop, and lastly combining the two for double image goodness. Not forgetting to erase the thicker set o' black lines to remove excess line work.

 ho humm. Enlightning, boring et al, huh?! Now I just need to draw the other 199 pages.