Thursday 30 May 2013

train I ride

How'do folks...just a wee one fo' now (as my internet usage is alas hindered by the pesky 'time limit')

at present I find myself in Vancouver, took a four day train ride from toronto, guh. oh, boy, lots o stories, but not much scan time so the above'll have t' suffice... 

Abe found he really liked Toronto. A lot. Good for books, and film... great lil cafes with good soundtracks... Great for comics... Whist I was there TCAF was on so got to meet and buy books from many great comic artists... plus went to talks with David B, Ivan Brunnetti, Michael Deforge... almost bumped into Art Spiegleman... whoop et al.

I also got to see amelie in a cinema, which I loved. I'd only seen I once before, but on a wee lil screen a few years back... It made all the difference... la de la,,,

I also read Pride and prejudice at last. Je t'aime!

until the next post yo!