Tuesday 29 May 2012

Zinage May!

Hallo', so Abe's just trying to get back into the habit o' regular postage to the blog...

Above is a scan of 'pink hatted', an 8 page zine I made a few weeks ago... I've made four since... stayed up to the wee hours this morn making another, titled "There is no virgin on prom night Johnny Utah!".

 T'is a petite analysis of my view on Keanu Reaves, trying to fit in amongst all the 'Duuuudes' my feeling of him as heroic in an almost hyper-brotherly way. heh. deep brah.

taken with a pinch o' salt.

Im also continuing work with the thus far nameless project, utilising various native american myth/folklore as inspiration... on page 16 today... slightly behind schedual by one page |(two days of 12 hr shifts'll do that.)

saw moonrise kingdom. You should too.

Thursday 17 May 2012

The enchanted sword!

Allo there! Been a while! ho humm.

Well Abes just been doing a great many nothings recently, managed t' keep up with the daily comic tho', also been a working on several stories (though none of the ones from the last post have made it past page eight or so... boo) as well as rewriting my story for the larger piece... 

I sent the pitch off a wee while back, and recieved a polite, well worded (minimalist) rejection, No big surprises there, it needs work! So instead of my 200 or so pager, im'na try and keep it to bare bones... scale it back to around 48 pages, and cut the cast somewhat.  Heres the rough cover idea anyhow...
Needs work. but thats all fine. just gotta keep on at it! 

I also recently got a giant sketchbook, in which I'm working (a page a day) on a modern fairytale. I've written out the story for once, so now the hard part comes... conveying the narrative in pictures. I'll let ye know.

anyhow... I find this video of the the great Daniel Johnston pretty heartbreaking, his medication saving and destroying him at the same time.