Friday 23 November 2012

The Lowdown Yo!

Allo Folks, Just Realised Abe hadn't posted in a week or so... Heres the lowdown yo!

The drawing above's just an exercise in style, hopefully there'll be something coming out of it, but for now t'is just another sketchbook doodle.

And heres a page from the long piece I'm a working away at, still experimenting with colouring, but done got the first 68 pages drawn, nine coloured... I started this project with just a bunch of random short stories in mind... but sat down and made a map of an interconnected storyline... tis most assuredly a long plotline  and now I'm a thinking I may need to cut down the first 100 or so pages (in half) as they're really more of an introduction to the setting now, rather then interesting shorelines ...ho humm, much confusion, but alls well... Im just gonna draw it all anyhow, I'll probably start posting it online at some point. shall see.

And now... Heres two more Fiddidy Cent Comic's fo' your pleasure... if you need to... Double click and open image in new tab for larger pics!

In other news, job hunting is a full time career  and far more distracting for the drawing process then having a job. Heh.... the things we learn once we move on! But unemployment does suit me to a point I guess, just avoiding looking at the ol' bank account... avoidance... thats the key t' getting on in life right? Right?!

anyhow heres a piece o special Musica for the soul... Mississippi John Hurt singing "Goodnight Irene"

Friday 16 November 2012

Umm & Ahh

So, heh... after much 'umm'ing and 'ahh'ing, and faux finalising (ie last post) this is the look im'na go for. Just Black and White watercolour, then tinted on the o'l photoshop.

Lets see how long this one lasts before fickle Abe changes his mind!

Anyhow, If'n you happen to be free and around Clerkenwell  tomorrow, I'll be selling zines et al as part of the petite but perfectly formed Interrobang festival.

And um.. thats all for now folks... Lets out with.. This must be the place, from the stop making sense concert.

Friday 9 November 2012

Oh' the colours

Okay folks... it's double click then open image in new tab time again!

So... Last week abe hit page 60 of the story he's been a' working away at over the last month and a half... so, I decided t' set aside a week to practice and try out various colouring techniques et al...

Boy oh boy... thats the way to confuse a young doodler... I worked on these few pages many many times (above is actually a re-draw of the original pages -but drawn at half the size, so as to force my drawing style...then coloured directly onto the drawing... with just a touch o' photoshop.)

Colouring just makes one unhappy if you dont reach the intended goal... Abe most assuredly didn't, so dont expect the final thing to lok anything like the above... instead Im considering a look more along the lines of...
So... much confusion, this one is actually the first style o' colouring abe did... funny how you end up coming full circle. heh. This one was coloured by using tracing paper to draw with marker pens 'above' the original art... I like...

Anyhow, gotta be off now... I leave ye with Alice Cooper - "Generation Landslide"