Friday 27 December 2013

I've been absent of late, but I have a doctors note to explain

Heres some odds and ends, something is forming in my mind, but who's to say what when where or why. It'll be a comic though.

I've done a lot of drawing this past week, but It's pretty personal introspective stuff I don't feel like sticking up on the 'ternet, It'll remain sketchbook bound for now. 

I'm excited to see Inside Llweyn Davis. But it's not released till late January in London. Boo.

I really Have very little to say for myself. Apologies. Just trying t' keep up posting regular like.

Broken Social Scene - Tremoloa Debut (Vinyl)

Friday 20 December 2013

Go read my comic that I made for you

Yup, so I just finished this lil 9 pager and put it up on me TUMBLR.

The demo's just as great as the final recording. merci Lou.

The Velvet Underground - I Found A Reason (Demo)

I cant stop to talk, I have a recital on Winona Ryder at 2pm

The second drawings something that I'm a working on right now! as I type, which is the reason Im not gonna type much more. 8th of a 9 page story. Just getting some finishing colouring done.

Mostly right now Ive been listening to the best album ever. Gosh, I hate when folks say that. but may well be true, eh... Before he was an officially released musician Dylan recorded this session with Cynthia Gooding. 

Bob Dylan - Roll On, John

Back t' the good work. Ho hummn.

Sunday 8 December 2013

Things that I made tonight, whilst inbetween a rock and a hard place.

Comics. and self portrait ho hummn. Just two lil things I doodled this evening after I got home, tired and worn.

Nice Patrick Kyle comics up on What Things Do

I like this song...

                   Cat Power - Fool

Wednesday 4 December 2013

I never said I was perfect, just that I could fly and also punch holes in the space time continuum whilst frying pancakes

I put THIS lil comic up on my tumblr. Just something I made this evening.

I thought that perhaps the difference between a successful artist and a failed artist is that 9/10 times the successful artist has given up.

Today I found a copy of old man and the sea in a second hand bookstore. I sat down in Queen square and read in the cold, not feeling it at all. A sure way to tell a good far you get without noticing that your hands are frostbitten.

Ho humnn

A real nice old David Mazzucchelli  comic HERE

           Bing Crosby - Just a Gigolo

Heres a little four page thing from my sketchbook, drawn a month or so ago.

Friday 29 November 2013

Yesterday at work I doodled about 90's Winona Ryder messing with the spacetime continuum

This is what I scribbled down at work. Life is good.

and I figure THIS is the Winona who keeps messing with the time line.

I know I put this up from time to time, but love the music, love the video. 

                    Point Of Disgust - Low

Wednesday 27 November 2013

I assumed the world needed to see this

Sorry, I didn't get around to posting a self portrait on sunday... So here's one I that took yesterday upon arrival at work. after peeing.

I put this 9 page comic up on my tumblr. because the only way to get over the fear of drawing cars seems to be to just draw 1920's cars... ho hummn.

And here's an old unused comic...

Lastly, heres a song I listened to a lot today. ho hummn.

                 Lou Reed - Sword Of Damocles

Sunday 24 November 2013

I drink milk, Systématiquement (purposefully)

Just another page. 

Boris Vian... a great life, cut oh so short.

"I drink
To forget the next day of the hour
I drink
                                                             To forget that I'm no longer twenty"

                          Boris Vian - Je Bois

Friday 22 November 2013

Les Initials SG

Heres page from a comic I drew today, on my day off... I put it UP ON MY TUMBLR 

Immediately after the great war, a young man digs graves whilst singing Serge Gainsbourg tunes, for some reason I wrote it in French, though I dont speak it... so who's to say how it reads?  Parlez vous Francais?

This comic by Jed McGowan is beautiful. A good read.

Haven't listened to JOANN SFAR over on Inkstuds yet, but will do so shortly... he's pretty brilliant, I was lucky to go to a talk by him last year in the Institute Francais... an engaging, and intelligent fellow.

I gave this drawing to my cousin on her 21st birthday a couple of weeks ago... more french. ho hummn.

Draws at work...

And to out... 

Tom Waits - Home I'll never be

Sunday 17 November 2013

A list of things for which I'll raise my eyes

The Strokes - I'll try anything once

Plus on sundays I take a little self portrait on my crappy phone... here I am in the wee hours after returning from work... I have a little job again now. different Cine though.

Thursday 14 November 2013

He's darn good with individual words, it's a damn shame about his phrasing though.

Some things I drew last week when I wasn't drawing.

A great talk by Anders Nilsen about his work over HERE

I read Fiesta; the sun also rises by Ernest Hemingway, Really great stuff... my first occasion of reading him... I see why Fitzgerald was so  vaguely in awe of him. 

I wish I'd been here. but I was four years old you see, and in another continent. The dancing kids in the background are swell.

Beat Happening - Cry For A Shadow

Sunday 10 November 2013

At this point I don't even remember where I left my moustache.

Here I am once again. Yawn.  Still on the whole 'less internet' thing. It's been good. Still kind of taking a break from drawing. London is bright sunny and cold today. 

These folks made good music from the mid 80's to mid 00's 

Dead Moon - Graveyard

Thursday 7 November 2013

Couler cafe

I went to see Gloria after reading some pretty rad reviews. But alas, Whilst it was fun enough, It didn't really leave me with that special feeling. ce la vie.

I've been pretty much inactive online of late. I'm convinced its a good thing. I've probably spent an hour on the computer this last week. I can read books now, which is a better use of my time anyway. 


Serge Gainsbourg - Couleur café

Sunday 3 November 2013

Here I am. Here am I. Where is the car? It is behind me.

Still taking self portraits on sundays. Here I am this morning, near to Covent Garden, listening to Bandwitch byBroken social scene.

The Beatitudes - Kronos Quartet

Wednesday 30 October 2013

Things I have failed to learn, whilst failing to learn tap dance. On comics et al.

A bunch of pages from the last week, still attempting to become comfortable working with pen and ink. Not so sure it's happening. anyhow, I realised that I hadn't posted any drawings in over a week, so there you go.

My thoughts on comics are many and varied. They are pretty much what I'm happiest doing in life. But at the same time I've been putting a lot of thought into why I draw them, what I have expectations of and why, whether any of that matters at all... All the neurotic bull really. 

At the end of the day, If you want to draw, then draw. That's what it should really be all about. Then money gets in the way. except it's not really in the way. It's that old ridiculous assumption of hobby vs... well, career I guess. 

Soseki wrote a nice line somewhere... something like "If an artist is unable to make a living off the publics patronage, the best he can do is to lie down and die"

But comics has no real money in it anyway, right. most successful comics artists make money as Illustrators, which then enables them to then spend their spare time making little books filled with images, for a small audience.

 Im not gonna write anything else, because I'm bored of my own tone. 

Tim Krieder writes about (not) working for free  HERE

Nick Drake's ma... a fine artist in her own right.

Molly Drake - I Remember

Sunday 27 October 2013

This is it baby.

As it goes with this pointlessly narcissistic sunday portrait thing. I started wearing a backpack again, instead of my shoulder bag, but aside from that nothing exciting's happened in my life today.

I enjoyed Frances Ha, saw it in NewYork back in June. 

              David Bowie - Modern Love 

Oh, and lastly... I finished my Wes Anderson Binge, missing out Bottle Rocket, because I saw it not so long ago, and Rushmore, because I don't got the dvd. Besides those two I hit all the rest... Just lovely films, they work darn well watched over the course of a week...

fireworks at twilight in the park behind my house. I have a good view from my bed.

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Nothing Much.

Something I drew this eve. drawn small, and with my first female lead. I just always found girls too hard to draw... It's a poor excuse I know, and one that I'm going to have to rectify.

Just re-watched the Royal Tenenbaums. It remains great. I'm in the process of re-visiting all of mr Anderson's films... A special film maker with a unique and imitable style, and a great ability of wrapping theme in minutiae without detraction or distraction... things are subtly yet remain in plain sight... Blah Blah blah... anyway all his films hold up well to repeated viewings.

Dylan horrocks on Artistic crises and dealing with life in THIS GRAND COMIC from way back in 1990 during a time in old London town.
This is a great song by a swell band. 

                       Make-Up - The Choice

Monday 21 October 2013

NERVOUS IN A CAPE issue eight

So... I have no intention of printing anything for a time if ever... I'm just learning comics, and to be honest the stuff I've put together is pretty sub par and self indulgent... so what the heck... I've put up a large chunk of it OVER HERE on my TUMBLR

Im pretty shit at promotion, and this stuff is pretty shit anyway, but there it is. go read.

anyway, Im off to the drawing board to reassess everything, and to try to start working for real. 

Sunday 20 October 2013


On sundays I take a self portrait with my old phone. I think this window had two layers of glass slightly removed, thus the effect.

TV on the Radio - Staring at the Sun

I really do have nothing much to say. My sincerest apologies.

Learning how to use pen and ink. Experiments from yesterday. 


oh, Wes Anderson returns in march. Hooray.