Thursday 27 October 2011

Free Comics Workshops!!!

Hey folks... Feeling 16-20 years old...and desiring free comic workshops??? Know anyone who might be interested??? londonprintstudio's running em' so why not give comics a go?!!?!?!

(Yep, you may recognise the anxious looking fellow at the top o' the flyer)

Wednesday 19 October 2011

The 5.45 News

Howdy folks... So heres a page from the second story which is gonna feature in  Nervous in a Cape 6... "The 5.45 News"

This guy is Pretty darn mean... but is he the villain?!?!? only time will tell... 

Gosh darn, abe is tired... it has most assuredly been a long week, with many ups and downs... He lost his voice (or rather words) for a while... But t'is all good... Its not always a such a bad thing to be unable to comment... 

Too tired to think... Its all rambling! ah ha!

Beat Happening.... Just listen to em '

Friday 14 October 2011

Time To Draw! (No)

Well, Abes been mad crazy busy this week, no time to draw really now that he's a comic intern meh, meh, meh!

So in lieu of fresh works... heres the intended cover for Nervous in a Cape Issue 6!!!

Planning to have three stories included, Finished "A Scene by The Sea" (see 27th sept post) which ran to 17 pages in the end... Probably fit a "Fish Tale!" in too, and one more story, as yet to be drawn... I figure a 10 page sci-fi/ Super Hero romp, or some such....

So its all Coming along... But Still... Not enough spare time this week! I'll try make more next week!

Monday 10 October 2011

Facebook Sellout

Well, Abe finally sold out... And with the money made... Bought in...

But now he has a hollow feeling inside. Merde!

Thursday 6 October 2011

Stylistically Approaching the Surface

Abe is thinking stylistically at the moment, and shall be experimenting with varying approaches etc. The internship/coursey thingy has opened his eyes somewhat...

Why not check out the londonprintstudio Comics site... The other interns produce some amazing works, and t'is well worth a look!

Drive was a very interesting film, a complete throwback, very well put together and directed, and with an interesting hero/antihero; a man with no name, only a profession. Heres some amazing synth pop from the film. Its a love or hate it piece...

Monday 3 October 2011

For Your Pleasure...

Something for your pleasure...

Have you heard the 70's French Band Dandelion? Abe was introduced to them last week, and thinks they are highly worth sharing!