Sunday 22 April 2012

Just Keep a' Chugging!

Allo' there dear reader. As ever apologies are in slight order for lateness etc.

Above are three things Im working on (as well as the longer piece, dont worry!) the first is a short (maybe a three pager), the second aims t' have a bit of bulk to it... (thinking about 24 pgs) while the third is page one in what Abes a hoping t'make his first ongoing web-comic... Got seven pages done on this over the last week.

I'll let ye know when. IF.

Anyhow, at the moment my drawing is leaving me somewhat unsatisfied, so lord only knows whether or not any of these projects will see the light of day (or computer screen).

Im'na just keep on a chugging. and hoping et al.

For your musical pleasure...

Je t'aime

Wednesday 11 April 2012

Sing, Unicorn. Dance!

Whats that?! you dont know??? I didnt tell you yet??? Ah boo! Abe and Shamisa are gonna be putting together a super supercool zine! Shall be titled 'Sing, Unicorn. Dance!' and will feature stories of the greatest wit, charm and style! ho humm.

 Aim is to birth it at the end o may, But I'll let ye know when... Above's a draft of some notes for Abes tale...

gotten five more pages for the longer tale done also. Pat on the back time! heh. 

Anyhow... Heres a nice review for one o Abes favorite webcomics... Super Mutant Magic Academy

Wednesday 4 April 2012

Hit all t' targets!

G'morning folks. Just a brief break from comics today... 

Above is an illustration of the four scoring targets in Kendo, drawn for Abes friendly neighborhood Kendo club. Spent most o' yesterday drawing... Got six pages done for the longer work... gonna try n' keep it under wraps for a wee while. Unless I get too excited and want  t' show off or summut...

In the meantime... to reward the two years of me only putting up snapshots on the blog.. Look to your right.. Topside, there'll be links to some full comics from me sketchbook...petite and kinda sweet. Right?!!

Best video ever?