Tuesday 16 April 2013

Love et al

Forgive the old draw (a monoprint from a few years back) But I'm almost off...

To where you cry?! to America I reply. How long you ask, tears welling at the corners of your eyes... Three month's I mumble, looking downward, towards your left ankle...but I shall be drawing, and investigating comics I start, only to be cut off by your hand, leaving a red imprint across my right cheek. There is a pause. A parting, and the sense of an ending. I'll call you... Don't... But Marie.. Jet'aime!

This is a play. you can act it out whenever you feel the need, or just over and over again t'ill I get back t' the blogging. ho hummn. I'll be drawing a lot, and if the chance arises, will put up stuff.

I'll let you know.

Read THIS amazing comic by Sam Alden.

and I'll leave ye on the whistful and beautiful notes of... 

Wednesday 10 April 2013

Fiddidy centy returns

Yesterday I doodled another lil' fiddidy centy comic. Nothin' special.. just fun.

A list (oh, such a manly thing t' do!)

Coming o ' age Books I read, and reread:

Sanshiro-Natsume Soseki.
This Side of Paradise - F. Scott Fitzgerald
 Ask The Dust- John Fante

And then...
Je t'aime; In the City of Sylvie -Dans la ville du sylvie (?) off the top o' me head...)

Oh Red Riding, What a trilogy of the finest in all o' british television... ho hummn.

pah... I find myself bored with this futile game, heh. Thats gonna be all for now then. Meantime, dont forget t' get your (not quite weekly) dose of FORMING.

and t' out heres some o' David Torn's fine sounds from  LARS AND THE REAL GIRL.

Thursday 4 April 2013

Nervous in a cape issue 7.5

Thats right... the "rushed" issue before I depart to check out the o'l US of A for a few months... pretty happy with this un' put everything together in just over three weeks... and tho' t'is only a short one (just 24 pages all in all) still allow me a  few mins to bask in the glory.

comics is a field with so much glory. 

Read it all over HERE

And t' out.. heres "Sukiyaki" by Kyu Sakamoto First heard it over HERE in Mad Men season two.