Tuesday 30 July 2019


There are other objects to be drawn, but I get lazy, and I had to go to work probably.

ho hummmnn.

Working. Cycling around Barcelona under the summer sun is draining. But when you've climbed high up the hills and/or mountains, you do get some views indeed. For my birthday she gave me this a5 moleskin sketchbook. its nice, I've been trying to fill it diligently. I am always trying. 

I've been reading, ma left a copy of 'the buried giant' by Ishiguro. I found it perfect. Also Caroline sent 'Oreo' by Fran Rose.. that's a damn special book. I'd recommend them both. 

It'd be fun to reread all of Dikto's spiderman run. I loved those comics. bought the b&w collections as a teenager (but hot dang, in colour they're even better!). I don't think I still have any of them... I read that they're gonna reprint his mr A comics against his last wishes. Mixed feelings ensue.

Films. don't go see 'Searching for Ingmar Bergman'. It was really bad. Instead why not read James Baldwins assessment of the great director (the essay's called 'The Northern Protestant', in the collection  'nobody knows my name') HEY, HERE IT IS ONLINE.

I've linked before, and I'll link again.

Beat Happening "Cast A Shadow" (live at I.P.U)

Tuesday 15 January 2019


From November, I think... A sketchbook page.

where am I.

All old posts except one have left the blog, maybe someday I'll reclick publish (I JUST DID --12/6/19 SO MUCH FOR RESOLVE!), but really, I'd like to move forward. The ol' Tumblr's gone... A shame, as the format was actually pretty nice for reading comics, but in a sad moment, I found that I just couldn't stand any of my output. Back then it felt satisfying to hit delete. Now it feels like perhaps it was only another silly tantrum.

Anyhow. Good luck!

Iggy pop-The Idiot-China girl

Monday 10 September 2018

An almost week

Almost a week with xoana.

We have two Jasmin plants a'flowering out upon our little half balcony (one and the other), and here our shoes do often fill the hallway. 

I've only read three books by James baldwin, all of them novels. Go tell it to the mountain... Another country.. and Giovanni's room. They left me profoundly affected, moved and hurt. So much so that at the time (I was perhaps nineteen, go figure..) I resolved not to read them again. Recently I've listened to a fair few of his speeches and lectures, and I have the feeling it'd be nice to read more of his essays. 

I'm still tentative about revisiting his novels. 

James Baldwin: The Moral Responsibility of the Artist

oh, aren't people good at times.

Hand Pedal Cyclist Aka Bicycle (1956)

Monday 26 February 2018

LOVE of my Life

sketchbook draw, beautiful Xoana.

Nino Tempo & April Stevens "Stardust"

A great version of a great song, though the interview afterwards features a cringe worthily dismissive host, putting April Stevens down. 

Its cold tonight in Barcelona, but we have a kettle and its full, tea bags in a box upon the shelf.

they know what the int'net can be.

And I've been a drawing trees and stuff, from time to time. 

Sunday 19 February 2017

Saturday 5 March 2016

figured he'd ramble on the unbound path, a ball o' twine unwinding behind him. a new home {being wherever I'm with you. hup.

sketchbook stuff. Barcelona. Jan-

I owe a post, no? Job hunter, hunting. scraps and other half thought up nothings... throw em' on the fire, watch it blaze. wrap up warm sonny boy, winters here t' stay, well for another week or so. and here its like summer there. at times. the sea is blue. green. blue. and the tide is not ever so high as our first floor studio. 

gosh. these words are a jumble of pretension et al, so go dig a real cartoonists blog.

put up some lil things on TUMBLR, just don't have any high hopes for myself. still I can point you to some fine melodies. 

go listen

Beat Happening - Cry For A Shadow

Yusef Lateef - 1957 - Metaphor

Michael Hurley - Tea Song

Wednesday 30 December 2015

a beat poet, all broke, hands in his lines, smiles for a spell and shoots the breeze. pang. later is arrested and tried.

But thats just how it goes at times, gotta wear that crooked grin at an angle, make it horizontal...

...and all that other rambling nonsense.  A common occurrence when I don't post regularly.

I've been busy working of late, and arriving home later, tired and more into jamming with a movie or book then scribbling away.. but thats got to change, so its going to.  anyhow, above's a little nothing I drew last week. but I think it works for whatever reason.

In a week or so I'll be departing this dear old land of albion.. etsoy yendo a barcelona,  donde voy a construir una nueva vida junta con un persona muy especial, una chica de exterior espacio.. en este momento no tengo muchas palabras, pero intento a aprender mas y mas.. y alguna vez, quizas dibujo mis comics en espanol... vamos a ver ... 

Anyhow, so yup.. my language is not the best, but what the heck, I got drawing en mi corazon, and two bucks in my bolsillo, y musica in my ears. Ive packed most of my stuff away, but left my books out,  cause I have too many of them anyway, but its given me a nice time to reread them... I find I love turning these pages over and again... reading Blankets by Craig Thompson after maybe seven years... shit, thats a hell of a book, deservedly still in print. Reading it again was a little like revisiting a very particular time and space, coated in amber.

Rococo Zephyr - Bill Callahan

Wednesday 16 December 2015

in which a young(ish) fellow journeys across the galaxy in search of new language.

Amongst other pages.
Barcelona in the autumn.

comics, drawn and undrawn. I feel my hands are become clumsier and clumsier, nothing consistant, only those ol' heartbeats. Life drawing classes are a little too pricy for my coin purse at the moment, but thats the plan

And in January I'll begin to continue. Life et al.

I read some kind reviews of my comic Swear Jar, thankfully focusing more on the sentiments I attempt to impart then on my third rate draughtsmanship. I finished the next issue of nervous in a cape back in june but once again my financial restraints et al... anyhow its in astounding digital form over here

pep and vim 

New Order - Age Of Consent

and three nice films for your consideration

Tuesday 8 September 2015

Last week was a good time to be a rainbow hunter, remember your helmet, cap.

So this is a true story, about a person from outer space.

well they landed here on earth, stayed for a spell, and cast a few.

But then one day left for jupiter... and oh boy there was all of a sudden (                )    

a space.

..but heck, on jupiter they have email, so writing happened from time to time, to time.

..these days they live on the moon, so I figured I'd head out on my ol rocket ship, with my sketchbook in my bag and my beard shaven off, and say "hi, hows tricks?", and take a few months to try learn some kind of lunar language,  which I'd always figured I should learn anyhow.

So tomorrow I'll fly, and maybe not be posting for a little while, no scanners on the moon at the moment.

Yo La Tengo - "Deeper Into Movies"

plus It reminded me how much I love

                    Today is the Day

and on that fair note, so long mary, anne.