Sunday 31 March 2013


Just a petite panel from my sketchbook. funny, but not ha ha.

Anyhow, despite a few distractions this week, I've managed t' get quite a few pages drawn this week... more on the next chapter of the introspective astronaut tales... ho humm.

"Write a short story beginning with the word 'recently"

Recently I dug out and re-read the brilliant Abe; wrong for all the right reasons by Glenn Dakin

I first picked it up at Forbidden Planet a few years back, from the bargin shelf purely for the title... I believe it then resided on my kitchen table for a month or so until I finally mustered the mindset to just read the thing... But what a read it turned out to be... Abe... is composed of dozens o' short stories, both witty and profound, examinations of mundanity as told through the words (and drawings) of a poet (and his alter ego, one Abraham Rat). 

The stories within the book represent the best kind of poetry comics (which have been known t' drag more'n a little on occasion) where a gentle humour runs throughout Dakin's examination of the absurdities of life. I'm not gonna say much else, except that I find it both a grand companion (indeed it sat in my bag for months, dug out and flicked through often) and delightful read, one which stands up to multiple rereads. Which I've found to be a rare thing indeed for comics.

Abe... is published by Top Shelf, and is alas currently out o' print... I did only ever saw that one copy in forbidden planet, (and I can't imagine it made top shelf enough money t reprint) but there are a few copies up for sale on amazon, and I most heartily endorse it as a perfect little book. To quote NME...  "godlike reflective genius"

Just go buy it!

I was sent this link yesterday by my amiga Xoana with instructions to get on my bike and listen t it...  oh boy, t'is a nice album by a fella I'd not heard of... CLUCHY HOPKINS

Monday 25 March 2013

Colour power, experiment!

Just a wee lil' colour test for the next chapter of my astronautical tale.... the first was in nervousinacape  7 .  Im having fun working on this story, it's still very much a playful, almost stream o' consciousness (blah de blah) style of working, just me an' my sketchbook and t' ol pens. Anyhow, im not gonna decide on final colour schemes or anything yet, just gonna get it drawn first, then colour later... it shouldn't be more'n 20 pages anyhow, so t'is perfectly doable and stuff. 

been catching a lot o' filmic goodness this week.... If you get the chance, and you value films with large periods of stillness in them, do yourself a favour and go grab a ticket to 'beyond the hills'.

oh man oh boy oh gosh! Mr Deforge's ANT COMIC (think D&Q are publishing it physically soonish, but for now). He's a prolific fellow, constantly churning out the goods, and this is a swell read.

So... I gave ye a film and a comic... just the old soundscape t'go... to see us on our merry, here's Louis Armstrong, with "BASIN STREET BLUES"

Wednesday 20 March 2013

FIGHT or Run?

Just a l'il page I drew yesterday... a petite nothing, or the start of something. who knows.

Anyhow, got a real lovely review of Nervous in a Cape 7 over HERE, the reviewer (one Gareth Brookes) draws and prints darn cool comics himself (I was lucky enough t' grab a copy of his Sherlock Holmes vs Skeletor a few years back)... He has a graphic novel due soon! looking experimental and interesting, dig it over HERE

waiting for a delivery this morning, but it didnt come. sigh. 

who's the most playful experimenting cartoonist? Kevin Huizenga of course... his FIGHT/RUN comics are fun.

Nothing like PINK MOON on  a wednesday night.

Sunday 17 March 2013

Poems et al

Well, this lil book's coming along nicely... way back in november I read one of my friend Finnish Chris's poems, was kinda inspired by his wording, and the sentiment he conveyed... I doodled it into comic form, and now four months or so later... we've put together what looks t' be a 48 page book...

Composed o' three poems, two straight illustrations, and one in which i placed the reading of the poem into a bizzare story (i guess we might call it "re-contextualised"(?!))  , featuring pleanty of bodybuilders...heh.

Anyhow, we're looking to get it printed up in the next week or so... whoop!

Hey for any of y'all who want to read the latest issue of my critically unacclaimed and unnoticed comic... Issue 7 of Nervous in a cape  is all HERE for ya! feedback always welcome!

gotta love monsieur Kerouac's Jazz poetry - "OCTOBER IN THE RAILROAD EARTH"

Beautiful... prepping though the beats fo' my american journey!

Tuesday 12 March 2013

Lucky Lucky!

Lucky Lucky! Heres a sneak peak!

A page from the comic I m working on with my amigo Finish Chris, only got a few left t' go! He writes the poems, I scribble the doodles... and we make the book!

This art isn't 100% finished, but almost there!

the ever inspirational John Porcellino 

And we out with some CAN - "MARY MARY, SO CONTRARY" 

Peace out and stuffs

Sunday 10 March 2013

Jungle Pierre, no more

Everything's a' coming together... still not officially launched... but soon, soon.... wh'oop!

Im sure I've linked before, but SIMON HANSELMANN'S comics are just too much fun.

Also dig Wilbert Harrison's "LETS WORK TOGETHER"  (1969)

it's the second version of what was the slightly more marriage orientated "LETS STICK TOGETHER"  (1962)

Both special in their ways!

Saturday 9 March 2013

After Jason

Well, last night my drawings were going nowhere, so I did a few doodles of panels by some of my favorite cartoonists... heres one by Jason... I decided t' try out a few colour schemes that mess with the beautiful flatness o' the original panel's colouring... 

I was re-reading Athos in America, and wondering at the stillness of the book, and of Jasons work in general... It's a special thing, especially as most of his work is quite short... Novellas if you will, and often working with just 4 panels on a page... Michel Rabagliati mentions stillness and playing with time in comics in THIS wonderful interview. I think its about 27 mins in, but dont quote me on that..

ho humm.

Thursday 7 March 2013

the 5 year plan

Just a page t' test a colouring style... thought of a nice wee story t' tell this morning... I just need to get a lil bit more adequate at drawing buildings and stuffs. heh. 

hmmn, sometimes wish I could paint like Brecht Evens... other times I wish I could draw like Frederik Peeters ... but actually, I'm pretty happy with how my works coming... its a long, slow and hard process.... but it is improving i guess... i made a 5-year plan (ah ha, like  stalin) and year 1's almost done now... here's t' the next!

man alive! Ted Hawkins was the greatest! check out "sorry you're sick"

Sunday 3 March 2013

Abe & the mispells strike back

Yup, thats right... abe made yet another foray into the land of pretension, and returned with another collection of songs and whines... this time released as two EP's over HERE 

I dunno, I just find making the music to be such a fun thing... so enjoy it, or dont, it's all good....I enjoyed it. heh... oh and also...

Thats right folks... Its for sale now over at Gosh! and Orbital ... and it's looking a little like this...

Anyhow... oh boy, I find selling my wares t'be just excruciatingly awkward... I kinda shuffle into the shops, then mumble.."um..I was wondering if I could maybe talk to someone about, uh... selling some small comics..." And they're always so kind to agree to, and genrally enthusiastic... but abe remains mortified thru the whole transaction... and rushes through a brief "thank you so much" before hurrying out the door... heh...

It's actually funny, and I can see it all from the perspective of the camera as I'm engaged in trying t' sell... humm... I guess on account o' my giant ego... I dislike having to approach to"sell" to anyone... People should be begging me to house my works! ha ha... blah blah...

Anyhow... enjoy the EP'S and stuffs yo!

Saturday 2 March 2013

DRIVE Post poster

Drawn last night, my amiga sent me a few ideas on the o email front... redrawing things... everybody else seems t' have redrawn the drive poster so why the flip not...?

I might do a series of 18 rated film posters in this childish drawing style... a nice petite project.

man! dont you just wish you could be as cool as french dou Jérôme Mulot and Florent Ruppert, well abe sure does! I got a giant newspaper comic by them when I was in Paris a few years back... but now they're getting translated an stuffs... Hooray!  Click on the images over HERE

Hey you! heres another track by Darlin' - "UNTITLED" 

More daft punk... oh by the way darling was a three piece punk band in the mid 90's. didn't last long, and after splitting, two of em went on to don robot suits as Daft Punk (their name coming from one reviewers description of Darlin's sound), and the other took to the air as Phoenix's lead singer.