Tuesday 24 September 2013

SAYONARA- Japanese for 'goodbye'; however, it carries more finality. Instead of being used at the end of a day, as in "Goodbye see you tomorrow," it would be used in situations where you will either not see the person for a long time, if ever again.

I drew these pages this evening,  I think some  extra story may need t' be added, then I guess I might submit it in time for friday's deadline on the cape graphic short story prize... It wont be a winner, but it's good to send stuff out on occasions.

These past days I've been pretty down. A very good friend left ol' England's shores oh so suddenly, I'm not usually one for all too many emotions (being a reserved and repressed type chap) but I found this all pretty hard to swallow. It'll all be fine soon enough, and today was a nice enough time, but still.. ol' London's a smaller and colder town without her in it... 

I guess in a few days I'll be right as rain again, Life picks you up as it will, when it will. I keep my smile in my pocket.

I scribbled quite a few embarrassingly sentimental draws (of which I wont bore you with too many!), and a couple of more light hearted draws, can you guess which are which?

Anyhow, Anouk Ricard draws Beautiful, sweet funny comics... I bought her first Anna & Froga book twice (and gave away both) Im excited to read the next one

I think my belgian amigo Shamisa's book is released soon! I just need to learn French/ Flemish till she gets the English version out!

Meanwhile Listening to Dylan always gets me in that place. Y'know the one... 

One too many mornings - Bob Dylan

Peace, Love and Hi-5's.

Tuesday 17 September 2013

I wrote it on the back of my hand so as not to forget. But I left my hand on my bedside table this morning

Just a lil extra doodle after a productive days drawing.

Above all else it should be fun. Otherwise, what is the point?

Today I remembered the above. It made me feel better. 

THIS is pretty funny.

Good stuff as always up HERE

plus... as soon as I get some money, im'na buy one of Jesse Moynihan's rad T-Shirts over here 

I kinda like this sound and drawn oooout build...

                   The New Year -Folios

Plus here's a lil new thing I might start doing... one per post, I have a whole inbox full of them so...

je t'aime.

Saturday 14 September 2013

In which, during his search for enlightenment a man is temporarily blinded

Though I'm well aware of the whole "Comic's will break your heart"  (attributed to Charles Shultz and/or Jack Kirby), everyday it still hurts a little more. 

They are the hardest thing. Things stop coming together all the time. And they only work at odd unpredictable intervals. It's both good and bad to compare yourself to those at the top of their game. I have a longing, and a long way... I like to think I'm on the right track, but really who's to say.

a both pretty and cool, and pretty cool comic by Nicolas Breutzman up on 2d cloud's site.

A good track t' listen to loudly as one walks through town punching depression in the balls, but missing mostly;

But today I have been Mostly listening to the flippin' awsome...

Breeders - Do You Love Me Now

Tuesday 10 September 2013

I flew 17 hours to get out here, but it turns out 'here' was just another word for 'there'

A page I drew today in between applying for jobs and trying t' get meself on the o'l dole. I would sigh, but I went to brick lane and got me a dozen fine bagels, so life is pretty darn good.

I'm thinking of using this story for the Jonathan Cape prize thingy, but we'll see... I've lost the words and plans, all I'm left with is the drawing... ho hummn.

just reminded myself why Jillian Tamaki is the best over at SUPER MUTANT MAGIC ACADEMY


This is only for the brave of heart

but this is just great...

5-10-15-20 - Link Wray

and um. thats about all for now. so long mary,  ciao anne.

Sunday 8 September 2013

I danced all night, until it was day. Then I attempted to hang myself with the Ipod usb chord.

He has such hazy memories of earth. In the bubbles he's gonna be telling a really funny joke. Funny ha ha. Honestly.

Not so many links t' share now... ollivier schrauwen has some new draws up ON HIS BLOG. Great stuff as always.

Off to rescue the princess over at STAR WARS MINUTE. Grand (if pretty extreme) analysis o' the greatest movie ever. well....give or take. A lot. 

ho hummn.

hold on a sec, while I play this song...

         Beat Happening - Cast a Shadow

ciao and stuff.

Friday 6 September 2013

(A day) In which the author will fall for a pretty gal, but the affection will, alas, be unreturned

This is what I drew just now. and um... end of post.

Oh no. not done quite yet... I think Philippe Dupuy made himself a new website... I recall trying to find him a few years back but there not being so much stuff out there... lots of great drawings etc OVER HERE

These folks asked for some draws a while back in april... I guess I'll have something or other in THIS COMIC... pretty exciting, as 'twill be sold in the o'l USA and Canada

THIS is good. go look. Best band ever.

Phew, way too many links... that'll do for now, eh... meanwhile lets out with...

"Staring at the Sun" by TV on the Radio

I'm pretty convinced 'Young Liars' is the best EP's ever. well worth a listen to the whole thing.

Thursday 5 September 2013

Everything will be okay in the end....but by then, it'll be the end.

Hmmn, not sure if I really need that head floating, mayhaps I should lose my head
Anyhow here's the first version of the page...

Been re-reading a lot of Chris Ware. I HAVE t' get a job soon so's I can finally get a hold of building stories...The man's work is pretty darn amazing. and speaks for itself. Im not gonna gush anymore, just go find it.. When I was in Toronto I managed t' pick up issue no 3 of Acme Novelty library. so, um.. just t' rub that in your face... ahem. anyway  today the Comics journal linked to a nice profiling of Ware over HERE

Gotta love Ruppert & Mulot, two experimental cartoonists... I have a few things of theirs, but can only read one. won't some publisher hurry the flip up and translate more o' their stuff for abe!

over in my ears the past few days... 

Joan Baez Don't Think Twice, It's All Right

I shaved my beard, and (like any good hipster fool) decided to leave a lil t'ache... ho hummn, time'll tell if I dare venture outside with it, but It's looking unlikely.

Tuesday 3 September 2013

the point at which your fingers brush against the edge of the universe, and your wedding ring falls away. (merde!)

There is a solution of some kind, but It may well be less then kind.

I've been reading quite a few interviews of late... Taken a trip back in time to the Old Styleee Comics journal... some grand stuffs.

Not everything that might be a good story, is a story worth telling. But if you can tell it well, I guess it doesn't matter. or something like that. 

HERES A swell little story about doing something you love, and how this fellow got there. worth a listen.

as is 

Serge Gainsboug - Ronsard 58