Monday 10 September 2018

An almost week

Almost a week with xoana.

We have two Jasmin plants a'flowering out upon our little half balcony (one and the other), and here our shoes do often fill the hallway. 

I've only read three books by James baldwin, all of them novels. Go tell it to the mountain... Another country.. and Giovanni's room. They left me profoundly affected, moved and hurt. So much so that at the time (I was perhaps nineteen, go figure..) I resolved not to read them again. Recently I've listened to a fair few of his speeches and lectures, and I have the feeling it'd be nice to read more of his essays. 

I'm still tentative about revisiting his novels. 

James Baldwin: The Moral Responsibility of the Artist

oh, aren't people good at times.

Hand Pedal Cyclist Aka Bicycle (1956)

Monday 26 February 2018

LOVE of my Life

sketchbook draw, beautiful Xoana.

Nino Tempo & April Stevens "Stardust"

A great version of a great song, though the interview afterwards features a cringe worthily dismissive host, putting April Stevens down. 

Its cold tonight in Barcelona, but we have a kettle and its full, tea bags in a box upon the shelf.

they know what the int'net can be.

And I've been a drawing trees and stuff, from time to time.