Saturday 5 March 2016

figured he'd ramble on the unbound path, a ball o' twine unwinding behind him. a new home {being wherever I'm with you. hup.

sketchbook stuff. Barcelona. Jan-

I owe a post, no? Job hunter, hunting. scraps and other half thought up nothings... throw em' on the fire, watch it blaze. wrap up warm sonny boy, winters here t' stay, well for another week or so. and here its like summer there. at times. the sea is blue. green. blue. and the tide is not ever so high as our first floor studio. 

gosh. these words are a jumble of pretension et al, so go dig a real cartoonists blog.

put up some lil things on TUMBLR, just don't have any high hopes for myself. still I can point you to some fine melodies. 

go listen

Beat Happening - Cry For A Shadow

Yusef Lateef - 1957 - Metaphor

Michael Hurley - Tea Song