Wednesday 31 July 2013

A life half lived still has room for two most excellent adventures

Blow out the candles, age twenty-five years or so. Don't forget to think too much baby.

Here's todays output. Also found time for a four and a half hour walk (or "job hunt" as they call it in the unemployment biz).

do y'all recall duckman?  he was quite a regular on my DAILY COMIC STRIP a few years ago (here he is in issue 9!)...  anyway his band Zoo Zero are interviewed over HERE at about 1:05! cool stuffs. Confusingly both he and the presenter share the same name...

also... Dakota McFadzean = Great Daily Comics over HERE

Anyhow... Had this on my head all day.

the great divide - the cardigans

Hip hop!

Tuesday 30 July 2013

Something I made, because I draw when I should be studying law

here's todays output. ho hummn. drawn pretty small. about  14x17cm. 

Maybe words'll come. maybe not, who knows, who cares. heh... 

At the moment I'm reading the new JASON book (Lost Cat) at several different book & comic stores, until I get myself another job I find myself too poor t' buy comics! boo. It's a sad state of affairs. anyhow It's a pretty swell read...

It's never a bad time to hear 

         'Candy Man Blues' MISSISSIPPI JOHN HURT

my good aunt Yvonne brought me back a comic from New Zealand about 6 years or so ago... Fishing for Orphans' by one James Squires... thought I'd look him up when I came across the comic again... He's doing some great strips... HERE'S MY FAVORITE

Peaco out for now*

*PEACO = PEACE in abes misspelling language

and a second version... to please my narcissistic nature...

heh. all about me. always. 

Sunday 28 July 2013

On sundays, when animations be animated

 Today Being a sunny sunday, lil' Abe Made a wee animation. Just for fun... And t'was indeed fun, I shall have to investigate further.




"10.5, 11, 8.95, 10 10.8"


"TRUE LOVE = 9.5"


Saturday 27 July 2013

Mini rock zines, don't flush em lady!

Well, Abe made these mini comics for a friend today. For a friendly commission. For friendly rates. ho humm. It may be a little surprise though, I think he thought I might make just a single comic strip for him, but got caught up in the creative and book making process. Hope it'll brng a smile not a frown.

the five mini's are at 8,8, 14, 8 and 12 pages, all original art, no copies'll be made... they all cover instances revolving around circumstances. they all fit snugly into the lil' folder (top right). 

Twas a fun day, managed t' fit a few hours o' kendo in also. I was all "wham blam kapow". um.

here's a grand song by 

The Soft Boys - Rock n Roll Toilet

Abe's out for now folks. 

Friday 26 July 2013

When one might as well just keep on keeping on. and on.

The beginnings of a cover. possibly, or just a poster.

I want my next issue to be something complete and worthwhile. 

I want to get somewhere. Y'know... I'm not gonna kid myself that I'm there yet. but a five year plan is in place. heh. on year 2 now... so gotta keep on pushing etc.

Colouring is adding texture. otherwise there's no point. Black and white works. I am a rambling phoney. But in earnest... now I go off, to beg for some kind o' shitty job. money is scarce, but music is good. ..

and NATE BULMER makes me laugh.

Thursday 25 July 2013

Colour me, texture and peaches. Say it out loud baby. um.

Mostly I just wanted to play this song... but heres a couple o' todays draws to go with it....

Anyhow, the Music... a cover of the Pixies, but astounding... 40 layers o' voice... 

TV on the Radio - Mr. Grieves

Astounding, eh. Je t'aime! 

over in Jesse Moynihan's Forming, the plot thickens again. One o' the most fun comics ever.Just SWELL.

Now go listen again. 

Wednesday 24 July 2013

At some point I am determined to jump off this crazy ol ladder

Another day done. Im not gonna complain about the job hunt. But I could. If I were that way inclined.

Today I saw how summer really suits some folks, they glow. 

In other links. Beautiful profundity HERE

Amazing Trip, grand guitars from the 

                           "You'll Have To Go Sideways"

But if'n you're in a different knida* mood.... a simple elegance... Low- "point of disgust"

*knida = kinda - ed.

Tuesday 23 July 2013

Job hunting for angels

It goes on and on. and on and on. This will not help me.

so these comics are super fun to make... the a4 paper is folded and cut so as to make an eight page booklet... then I just doodle away a little story. been doing these for years, the eight page/panel makes for lovely lil self enclosed stories... I should write a whole novel like this (heh).  anyhow above's a before and after...

Holy shhettt.  have a listen...

"Tav Falco´s Panther Burns - Jungle Rock"

grand stuff. also go watch Jane Campions astounding t.v. show TOP OF THE LAKE while it's still on... Tense stuff.

Been digging lots o' Julia Wertz's old comics... over HERE, funny, like "ha ha. um"

Sunday 21 July 2013

featuring walkers and hikers, and the space in between the two

 Just a some twee little comics Abe drew this evening. Enjoy or not, as you will.

Also abe put up his lil Hiker Comic over HERE

It's nice to see some of your favourite cartoonists in living colour... a little doc on Seth over HERE, its gotta be late 90's here.

been listening to this song by The New Year - "Plan B"

Until next time folks.

Friday 19 July 2013

Twelve panel verses six panel, and other pointless decisions

I guess it doesn't matter. not really, I drew it at 6 panels, and there are a few double page spreads, so... Ill just stick to six. Thanks for helping me out with the decision folks. 

connecting two characters. hmmm, just a lil page from wednesday. ho humm.

check out this amazing french cartoonist's blog... great stuff over HERE

Gotta love the Supreme Cool Beings more pre beat happening sounds from mr Johnson.

Thursday 18 July 2013

A gal worth crossing the street for

another crayon and felt tip draw.

Pretty self explanatory, eh. 

comics is a funny addiction... some little drawings you show folks, and they can enjoy them. Im convinced there's nothing better in life. 

Listened to a few times in the past weeks. DEVO- "GUT FEELING"

Tuesday 16 July 2013

I couldn't find a job, but I have crayons, so life works out

I was getting really worked up wandering round town with resume's, no fun or joy. It's too hot and stuff, plus nowhere was wanting staff anyway. When I came home I did some draws. Here's two I'm kinda happy with.

It's good to listen to if you're feeling kinda blue... Rodriguez- "Crucify your mind"

T' boats in Chicago, Fireflies in DC, and page number 6

Had to walk accross three BIG roads (like six laners methinks) t' get to the beautiful lake michigan shoreline, but then t'is well worth it.... I was particularly fond of the clunking boats.

Fireflies. C'est Magnifique.

Oh, Just page number six... onward and upward.

At the moment abe's job hunting, not much fun at all. Hit eleven places last week, dropped of C.Vs (but some others like orbital comics wouldnt even take my C.V.- I guess I kinda understand, no-one ever leaves that job. not ever!), had one interview, but never heard back... 

heh, oh boy... has anyone noticed how shitty service jobs take themselves way too seriously... It's all really "getting to know the company philosophy" et al... jeezus! It's serving coffee and cakes y'know... no genius behind it, we shouldn't kid ourselves like that, folks got other things to spend time on.

also... working most jobs is not a privilege. its an unfortunate necessity... make the best of it, but still, two fingers t' anyone who treats it like anything other then what it is.

Okay.. Ahem, rant over... gonna put on a sunny face and head out once more on me quest. 

Heres one hot dang great tune for your listening pleasure... "Rock 'N' Roll Radio"- Joe Boot & The Fabulous Winds

also great comics on this German comics mag site

Monday 15 July 2013

From Toronto, where the doodlers draw

I drew this 44 page comic whilst in Toronto in may... mostly in coffee houses and parks... I rediscovered drawing in Toronto after a 3 week dry spell in NYC...

At the mo' trialling some colouring stuff on it...

 Boy, Abe was oh so happy in Toronto, he even managed t' return there for another five days at the end of his trip, there was the very real sense of coming home strange as it sounds (I'd only been there for two weeks after all!). But I loved the city, and the people, books music and Cinema were all cheap and easy, the coffee houses had great soundtracks, people in general were just happy and happy t' see you. Plus the best Fish & Chip shop ever, and the best pizza of all (both on l'il ol' Harboard st)

Go Visit, one cafe i was doodling in had THIS on their soundtrack. It made me happy.

Sunday 14 July 2013

Breath deep baby, In the trench of love...

Just some draws, putting together a lot o' draws in me sketchbook with o'l man in trench. Just another new character...

Man, Yumi Sakagawa just gets better and better; HERES a collection of her Rumpus Comics.

and, feeling all sentimental... Grizzly Bear "Foreground"

Saturday 13 July 2013

New york, Backward in time t' Vancouver & what abe drew yesterday


It seems like theres an art project in there somewhere or other... plus is hobo an offensive term these days? does abe really care? 

In New York everybody talks like they're in the movies. because all the movies are in made in New York. Logical.


Okay, so Anders Nilsen rocks my world, I love his work,  Imitation and flattery et al. hmm?

Great late 70's/ early 80's spinoff of the Feelies, The Trypes- "Belmont Girl is Mad at Me" Grand stuff!

Friday 12 July 2013

Do you love me. question mark

Just T' let ye know... put up a lil' nine page comic up on my TUMBLR

It's a wordgame I played in university, using a thesaurus t get from one word to  some kind o' opposite, in this case... love to perfidy in twenty one leaps.

Just found this awesome 60's korean act, great sounds, short shorts! heh, style of the time i guess... the pearl sisters - "Hate it" 

Thursday 11 July 2013

A train, a young fellow & crazy black talkin' in the rain

My first train draw, during  an epic four-day Cross Canada trip. Toronto- Vancouver
 In Brooklyn and on t' prairie (Canadian, about a day west of Toronto)

Just some things Afro-Americans said, to each other mostly. ho humm.

Vancouver was all rain. I spent seven days there, five of which were pretty much constant rain, and when it rains on the north-west coast, it really rains, so much so, lil abe bought his first umbrella there from a little store on the edge of chinatown. 

anyhow, a fella I got talking to in Seattle mentioned the Cool Rays, a pre Beat Happening Calvin Johnson band, he pulled out the cassette too! heh, it's flipping awseome stuff - "cool rays- diary of you"

plus Simon Hanselmann's always worth a check! Great stuff as per the norm.