Friday 20 March 2015

L' astronaute returns, stays for brunch, and then leaves for a prettier face

I put up a little astronaut comic on my tumblr. OVER HERE.

pretty dull stuff as always. Sorry about that.

I listened to this amazing album whilst colouring this morn, because I couldn't see no darn eclipses from london town.

Ant Trip Ceremony - 24 Hours 1968[FUll Album ]

Monday 9 March 2015

Ho Hummns part deux

Sketchbook works,

I've drawn a heck of a lot, but my books full of pretty personal anxieties et al, nothing really of interest, these pages are the two least embarrassing, so up they go.

Like a poor man's anders nilsen 

I was introduced to this band recently. Nice.

Future Islands - Inch of Dust

Ho Hummns part 1

So, I put some draws up on MY TUMBLR, more whining I'm afraid, but at some points I guess you just gotta accept except your natural voice, eh?

Its been the longest time since I posted anything here, and life's moved up and left and backward and everywhere in between since then.. I guess Im still half a real person, trying to figure out this o'l world... thats enough rambling narcissism for now instead Ill leave you to:

Tarheel Slim & Little Ann - It's Too Late