Monday 31 August 2015

Right so, heres the thing.

and the thing is


over here, 

oh, you missed it? too bad... It'll come around again, from time t' time.. some things always do.

This is a beautiful album, 

Charles Mingus - East Coasting

and heck.. if I could play like this man, I wouldn't need this damn blog.

Tuesday 25 August 2015

be brave like captain america, and take my hand. A homestead in the 1950's, when I woke I had a cloud on my mind. yup.

lil a6 sketchbook pages. photoshop colours et al.

I only really wanted to post to link to Scott Carrier's podcasts. His contributions to This American life have always been the greatest, and here he has his own thing. go, listen, subscribe et al-

and we out like that.

or not. I just read Jason's new book If You Steal.. Its a good one, a fine collection of playful shorts, fun and sad and most everything in between. Oh boy, he has the whole four panel timing thing down pat.

and we out.

Monday 24 August 2015

Peace in, hop out.. lost until you find the twine laid out at your feet. go minotaur go!

Pencil and ink wash on paper. This kind of drawing is just fun, fast... and you end up with a real finished product. Vague ideas, but I love drawing most of all, I can turn a nice phrase on occasion, but my eyes get heavy if I'm typing for too long.. 

still, perhaps at some point I should just write a complete script and then y'know.. do the draws. or just keep on with the short short stuff, and automatic writing et al. heck.. all just different ways to get t' that darn mountain, anyway, even once you've reached it I guess one'll still need hiking boots.

oh, sweet Theramin... 

Clara Rockmore - Nocturne In C# Minor

Just heard this fellow for the first time.. 

This was an interesting film, very powerful, and pretty claustrophobically shot and acted. the kind of film you'd hesitate to recommend because its probably a genuine masterpiece and therefore not an "easy" film by any measure. thank fuck I live in the future.

Wednesday 12 August 2015

on lying down in the grass: "I used to be tall, now I'm long"

I found some old discarded pages from 2014, and they seemed not so bad after all... I put a bunch up on  Tumblr

A great documentary transcends the specific interests of the viewer... and this is a great documentary by the late Albert Maysles, a killer soundtrack, beautiful eccentric lady and heartwarming relationship with her husband.

a song to fit most any occasion?

The Cure - Close To Me (Studio Demo)

Thursday 6 August 2015



Thanks to the cartoonist Jason's blog  I discovered Tia Blake, an American in France in the 1970's.. Apparently she passed away earlier this year... She released one album only, but what an album.. cest magnifique... This is my favourite piece:

               Tia Blake - Hangman

This was a nice film... BEST OF ENEMIES