Sunday 6 March 2011

Do You Like Comics? Yes, Wow!!!

If you like comics (and all the cool kids do), why not head to Goldsmiths University this Saturday for the London Comic and Small Press Expo?!?!?!

It'll be 10am-5pm with a £2 entry fee, and plenty o' great art inside with which to blow ones whole paycheck on... I'll be sharing a stall with the altogether awesome 'Girl who ate ink' (

... More info at

Also I implore you to watch this truly heartwarming (burning?!) video, the excellent Menomena, performing a take-away-show in Paris, it gets really interesting around 2:20.,3436

I had forgotten how much I had forgotten since childhood. But now I will dance freely, once a day and twice on sundays!

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Thank you for menomena - priceless.