Monday 19 December 2011

Cleethopes, oh Cleethorps

Howdy, 'ternet folks!

Havent posted for a wee while (seems a recurring theme in these posts hmm?) so heres a comic from my sketchbook, can be read a a two pager or as two one page stories... walking far away from Cleethorpes along the beach... you hit spots of radient beauty. 

The trick is to walk an hour or so. Try it on a seaside town near you, In Abes experience it usually works.

Visited Belgium last week with the other comicy 'turns... and in amongst a hectic schedule, dashing all round the country... managed to get ahold o' Lupus by Frederik Peeters! ah ha! untranslated, but hey pictures & words... pictures and words. 

Thank you to Captain 'Anonymous', who pointed me in the direction o' Louis Armstrongs (What Did I Do To Be So)  Black & Blue...

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