Sunday 22 April 2012

Just Keep a' Chugging!

Allo' there dear reader. As ever apologies are in slight order for lateness etc.

Above are three things Im working on (as well as the longer piece, dont worry!) the first is a short (maybe a three pager), the second aims t' have a bit of bulk to it... (thinking about 24 pgs) while the third is page one in what Abes a hoping t'make his first ongoing web-comic... Got seven pages done on this over the last week.

I'll let ye know when. IF.

Anyhow, at the moment my drawing is leaving me somewhat unsatisfied, so lord only knows whether or not any of these projects will see the light of day (or computer screen).

Im'na just keep on a chugging. and hoping et al.

For your musical pleasure...

Je t'aime

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