Tuesday 29 May 2012

Zinage May!

Hallo', so Abe's just trying to get back into the habit o' regular postage to the blog...

Above is a scan of 'pink hatted', an 8 page zine I made a few weeks ago... I've made four since... stayed up to the wee hours this morn making another, titled "There is no virgin on prom night Johnny Utah!".

 T'is a petite analysis of my view on Keanu Reaves, trying to fit in amongst all the 'Duuuudes' my feeling of him as heroic in an almost hyper-brotherly way. heh. deep brah.

taken with a pinch o' salt.

Im also continuing work with the thus far nameless project, utilising various native american myth/folklore as inspiration... on page 16 today... slightly behind schedual by one page |(two days of 12 hr shifts'll do that.)

saw moonrise kingdom. You should too.

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