Wednesday 31 October 2012

Happy Hallo'een folks! Abe made a Fididy comic today... Double click on t'image and open in a new tab t' get the full picture!

anyhow, so a week of great miniature changes for myself. I left my job at the Cine... a place I had worked at for over five years, sometimes happily, sometimes sadly, in love, and out of it. The cinema was a constant in my life for a long time... I find it a bittersweet parting. Sure I hated a lot of the companies bull  and genrally pedantic assumptions, and preferred to speak honestly t' customers (really, why would I lie... a shit film is a shit film after all, and no, I'm not in the slightest inclined to "up sell" wasabi peas). So in that respect Im most assuredly not sorry to leave, however the people, boy oh boy, those I'll miss.

They really have always been a swell bunch at the Everyman Cinema (Hampstead), and I've seen so many of them come and go (counted to 107, phew!)... only a few remain from my beginnings, scattered to other cinemas, distant relations. The cinema life, ie evening shifts, flexible hours, minimal wages and free films always attract the more "arty" (urgh!)... actors, artists, musicians, writers, filmy folk... all together in a very poor (but creatively, extremely rich family.

I've met some extremely talented people whilst I  worked at the cine, and have met some of my favorite people in the whole universe working there... So whilst I disliked more then my fair share of ridiculous self indulging, arrogant, and often downright mean customers... I always got a warm feeling, knowing that there were great people to be found in that grey fortress of a movie theatre.

When I started working for the Everyman, it t'was an independent cinema, A year later it bought up the 'Screen' chain of cinemas. I think they're nine in total now, but busy building a four screen multiplex in leeds, complete with restaurant .. god. The waiter service at Hampstead was enough for me... Very few cinemas can be just that any more. Much as I might complain... I understand that the company exists to make a few rich men richer, and there's nothing particularly surprising about that...

Resturants make more then cinemas I guess... Distributors take such a large percentage, its fairly inevitable that the cinema need adapt. But still...

Anyhow... I've waffled on for long enough... heh. Full time c

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