Friday 22 November 2013

Les Initials SG

Heres page from a comic I drew today, on my day off... I put it UP ON MY TUMBLR 

Immediately after the great war, a young man digs graves whilst singing Serge Gainsbourg tunes, for some reason I wrote it in French, though I dont speak it... so who's to say how it reads?  Parlez vous Francais?

This comic by Jed McGowan is beautiful. A good read.

Haven't listened to JOANN SFAR over on Inkstuds yet, but will do so shortly... he's pretty brilliant, I was lucky to go to a talk by him last year in the Institute Francais... an engaging, and intelligent fellow.

I gave this drawing to my cousin on her 21st birthday a couple of weeks ago... more french. ho hummn.

Draws at work...

And to out... 

Tom Waits - Home I'll never be

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