Saturday 2 March 2013

DRIVE Post poster

Drawn last night, my amiga sent me a few ideas on the o email front... redrawing things... everybody else seems t' have redrawn the drive poster so why the flip not...?

I might do a series of 18 rated film posters in this childish drawing style... a nice petite project.

man! dont you just wish you could be as cool as french dou Jérôme Mulot and Florent Ruppert, well abe sure does! I got a giant newspaper comic by them when I was in Paris a few years back... but now they're getting translated an stuffs... Hooray!  Click on the images over HERE

Hey you! heres another track by Darlin' - "UNTITLED" 

More daft punk... oh by the way darling was a three piece punk band in the mid 90's. didn't last long, and after splitting, two of em went on to don robot suits as Daft Punk (their name coming from one reviewers description of Darlin's sound), and the other took to the air as Phoenix's lead singer.

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